April 2015
Server Administration

My old website was starting to get a bit long in the tooth, a drupal 6 site with very little recent content (it was mostly a link log driven by data from my del.icio.us account... so... that hasn't been updated in a while!). So time for an update:

New server

Debian VPS at OVH, reasonably priced and so-far no problems… Customised for webhosting thanks to tips from pontikis.net

Drupal 7

Nothing terribly exciting here, just a couple of the usual contrib modules (views, ctools, pathauto and some field modules). Then a portfolio node type and a few taxonomies for technologies and clients.


I wanted the theme to be responsive and probably bootstrap based but still including some of my own photography.

Rather than building the whole thing from scratch I wanted a quick turnaround. So after an hour or so browsing I settled on radix_stanley. This is an excellent simple bootstrap theme from Black Tie and converted to Drupal with the help of the radix base theme by ashadcn.

By using Radix theme customisation wouldn’t be quite as straightforward as some of the other themes I’ve worked on in the past (I really like the simplicity of early versions of Zen) but it would mean I get to, finally, dip my toe in the SASS/COMPASS water. The radix subthemeing guide and bundler.io had me up and generating CSS in the background from my scss files in no time.

As with most projects the technical build was pretty straightforward and took less than half the time I’d allocated to the job. In my experience content authoring always takes longer. Unfortunately with this being my own site I can't ask somebody else to do it...