2009 - 2012
MS Dynamics SDK
Office Automation

At short notice NIACE were required to run a bidding process for a £1M grant giving programme.

A similar bidding process in the previous year required lots of paper photocopies and many hours of admin staff time to collate and score.

For this new fund I built a multi-page application form using Drupal's webform module to collect the applications. I then built an integration module that would transfer the single form submission into a collection of related CRM records (Contacts, submission, risks, work items, etc).

I then built appropriate reports and entities to allow the scoring of these reports to be entered directly into the CRM, further reducing the administration time.

This new approach was so successful and the funders were happy with the work done that NIACE were asked to administer similar grant giving programmes in subsequent years. We were able to take on these programmes with confidence processing and scoring applications with minimal upfront work.

In those subsequent years I added an MS Word based alternative data entry format. Taking advantage of the automation features of MS Word to programmatically extract data from emailed application documents and enter them into the CRM system.

The system has processed over 5000 applicaions for a total of £7 Million and I have used the underlying platform to support other similar data gathering tasks as required by the Institute.